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Wealthy and Wise
We know you have got a lot going on..

Work, social life, family commitments, hobbies and the rest of it leaves little time for properly managing the financial aspects of your lifestyle or planning for the future. We know that each person’s set of circumstances and goals for the future are completely unique, and need to be approached with care and understanding.

That’s where we come in.

More than just your traditional financial services provider, We are an integrated business hub where lifestyle solutions are provided by our advisers who are experts in the fields of financial markets, property, taxation, superannuation and personal risk insurance. We are committed to being authentic, to being seriously smart about financial matters and to being a convenient and accessible hub for advice.

We provide a holistic solution for any matter that involves personal finance, insurance, property related transactions or tax. What’s more – we actually care about the outcome. We respect your lifestyle choices and work to gain a strong understanding of what you want to achieve, so we can help you stick to the plan without compromising on lifestyle.

It’s never too early or too late to invest in your future.

Speak to our team of professional advisers.

Want to know how much you can borrow?

Try one of our calculators or contact us for a borrowing capacity test.

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Our Clients Say it Best

At 62 my only regret is that I didn’t meet the team at Wealthy & Wise at 55 or before; most of it is the bleedin’ obvious but I just didn’t do it!
We were novice investors and the GFC wiped out 10 years of progress it seems. We have however taken control of our Super; The team opened our eyes to the new borrowing rules for property and frankly that will do us – no more fund managers
George & Dianne
As you probably know, my property was settled yesterday. I’m very excited about this and just wanted to get in touch with you to say a sincere thanks. Not only did Scott think of me when the property came across his desk, but I know that Wealthy and Wise, through the hard work and lateral thinking of Jeremy and David, assisted me greatly in getting this purchase across the line when issues arose with the initial loan application. I really appreciate all your hard work and assistance through this…
My wife and I have very complex family arrangements, I’m divorced 2 kids plus 2 together and her father lent us the money to buy the house ; she has two other sisters and big family home – we needed to get the estate sorted. Their Chartered Accountant David was great. We used a combination of trusts and insurance so everybody gets looked after – what a relief.
After a productive and rewarding working life, there was absolutely no way I was going to risk downgrading my lifestyle or plans when I retired. My Superannuation has become one of my largest assets – I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I made the decision to have it professionally and actively managed otherwise who knows where Jan and I would be now.
Judith laughed at me when I said my husband was a Doctor and all his accounts were in a shoebox. They actually are ! Anyway finally someone is getting us streamlined professionally: we love the integrated approach to all our other investments and commitments as well.

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