We create a wealth plan to grow, manage and most importantly protect your wealth.

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We focus on developing trust and building long term relationships, so you can feel confident that you can achieve your financial and lifestyle goals

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The first step is to have a chat with our team of experts, identify your goals and let us show you how we can assist. For example, when establishing a SMSF we will create a 16 page Strategy report which will give each client essential information required before engaging our services. Our initial consultation and your personal strategy report are both obligation and cost free.

We prepare you a strategy

We provide suitable potential options for your consideration based on what we believe your goals and objectives are. On your decision to pursue some or all of our options in greater detail then we will clearly outline each of your options within a statement of advice (SoA).


Following your acceptance of our advice, we arrange for the recommendations to be implemented. This involves coordinating the services of our highly experienced team. Each client is slightly different, some may decide on a DIY option or you may have other advisers that will implement components of the strategy on your behalf. 


Investment Selection

We determine the right course of action by assessing your risk profile and time frame. We ask you exactly what your goals are and what you want to achieve. We do not recommend investing if it is not in alignment with your long term goals. All of our strategic recommendations are based on the level of risk you are willing and able to take on now, and for the duration of your investment lifetime.

Retirement Planning

You could be retired for 30 years or more – that could amount to a third of your life! So it’s imperative to start planning now for what lies ahead. We work together to organise your assets and savings into a strategic plan to work towards meeting your goals for retirement, while maintaining the lifestyle you love.

Cash flow management

Our Cash Flow Management combines short-term measurement of your ongoing income and outgoing expenditure, with long term planning for things like debt elimination, investment contributions, superannuation or saving for a specific goal.


Superannuation is a very valuable savings tool, and extremely tax effective. The earlier you start thinking strategically about how to make it work best for you, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Investment Management

Our business works on a fee for service basis so as a client of Wealthy & Wise we continually monitor, review and track your progress towards achieving your financial goals. Every six months we catch up and review your investments to ensure they remain appropriate and in line with your current position. 


An essential part of ensuring your financial success is protecting your cash flow and assets in the event of an unforeseen event such as disability, incapacity and dare we say it - death. Wealth Protection is often overlooked in a financial strategy. This area of advice can mean security and peace of mind for you and your family.

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the latest software for


The software has a built-in retirement income analysis, outlining what level of lump sum a client needs to provide the desired income needed in retirement.


The surplus created is the difference between income and expenditure. We will position each client to benefit from debt recycling, moving bad debt to good debt, thus increasing your overall financial position.


The software has a “track to plan” module which very easily outlines what impact each month’s spending has had on the original plan – whether good or bad.