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We compare up to 50 lenders to find out if there are more competitive interest rates available. We can also help you discover if the bank you are with now can offer you a better deal.

  • Home buyers

    Purchasing a residential property can be a stressful experience but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you’re navigating unchartered waters as a prospective first homeowner, preparing to buy a new home, refinancing or investing, we are experienced in arranging the finance you need to make your goal a reality, with the least amount of worry. We simplify the process of applying for finance with clear explanations and assistance all the way through to settlement – ensuring an attractive outcome while freeing up more time to enjoy life.

    By comparing hundreds of products on the market we can provide you with a choice of loans that are best suited to your individual situation. We can give in-depth advice and guidance to help you make a fully informed decision, and negotiate the best possible rate and terms for you.

  • Equipment Finance

    We know the importance of having up-to-date equipment to improve efficiency and productivity in your business, and are able to assist in securing the finance you need to acquire it. A variety of options are available to access finance using assets other than property as security. We can help you fund these transactions against the asset being financed. This includes office equipment, computers, IT software, business vehicles and any industrial plant and equipment.

    New and upgraded equipment can be entirely financed in the majority of cases, helping manage your day-to-day cash flow and capital requirements. With access to an extensive panel of lenders and experience across a range of finance facilities, we are equipped to identify the loan product and structure suited to your individual circumstance.

  • SMSF Loans

    Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) lending is a complex transaction, which can be an effective wealth creation strategy if implemented correctly. Setting up a SMSF will allow you to take the reigns over your investment decisions - but it comes with the responsibility to comply with complex superannuation and tax laws, and as such, professional advice and guidance should be sought throughout via our referral partners. Extensive knowledge and experience enables us to structure suitable solutions and simplify the process of lending through a SMSF.

  • Vehicle Finance

    Thinking of buying your dream car? Wealthy & Wise showcases a complete range of car loan options to suit all needs. We hold accreditation with all the major lenders in the country and have experienced advisers to tackle any requirement.

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