Find out whether property could be an appropriate option for you


Australians intuitively understand the importance of property in growing family wealth but the help often comes from people pushing property schemes or agents who are solely acting in the best interests of the vendor, their client. 

We are an integrated business hub which means we take a different approach from traditional Financial Advisers who are not allowed to provide advice on property and from Real Estate agents who primary job is to sell property. We sit in the middle!

We do not believe that sufficient financial advice can be given without taking into consideration what is usually our clients biggest asset, their home.

Property has also been very popular with Australian investors. Over the last 6 years it has become a prominent investment choice among SMSFs that now exceed over 560,000 in number.

Property provides the option of gearing to increase growth on equity in a way that other investment classes simply cannot do.

Because of this we are unlike any other client advisory in Australia because we are able to take a completely holistic approach and are agnostic towards the products that we recommend subject to meeting the goals and the expectations of the client.


Advantageous Rental Income

Your rental income from property in your SMSF may be taxed at a rate of 15%, compared with up to 45% that regular property investors pay.

Rental income tax advantages get better!

Once in the retirement phase your rental income from your SMSF properties may be tax-free.

Capital gains tax gets even better after retirement!

If you hold the property within your SMSF until after retirement you should pay no capital gains tax upon selling the investment.

Benefits for business owners

Small-medium business owners commonly arrange for their SMSF to hold their business premise for a range of reasons including tax advantages, asset protection and succession planning.

You can use your Super

You don’t need to rely on industry or super funds to manage your investment for retirement. You have the choice to move from an industry or retail fund and set up a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) that includes property investment.

Considerable Growth Opportunities

Leveraging a portion of your retirement capital into property could elevate your retirement benefits. We believe leverage and economic growth conditions are the building blocks of property wealth, and can show you how they work together.

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