Companies like Uber and Airbnb and their quick rise to global success have proven that the sharing economy is here to stay. It works because these peer-to-peer services are cutting out the middleman to accommodate consumers calls for convenience, choice and competitive rates. Rather than businesses providing the service, they instead provide a platform for the public to offer and seek services from each other.

RateSetter’s recent ‘Sharing Economy Trust Index’ report claims that 68% of Australians are now spending and earning money through the sharing economy. With so much going on in the space, how should you take advantage of the sharing economy?


The Volte

The Volte is an Australian site where people can rent or borrow designer dresses from everyday women around the country. Unlike other dress rental sites, where you can rent a dress from a business, The Volte is a peer-to-peer marketplace that, firstly allows women to rent dresses, but it also allows women to earn money from designer dresses they have bought, worn and are now sitting untouched in their wardrobes.


If you have a designer dress you no longer wear, you can start earning money off it by listing it on The Volte. Users generally list their dresses for 25% of the price they bought it for and include a cleaning and postage fee in their final price. On the other hand, if you have a formal or fancy party coming up, The Volte is a great place to find a designer dress to wear for a fraction of the price you would pay in a store.


Spacer, the Airbnb of storage. Spacer connects people with spare space to people who need more of it, and in todays crowded cities, space is becoming a valuable asset. If you’re running out of space, you can find a storage solution on Spacer and save up to 50%! If you have spare space, an empty room or a shed, you could be making money off it.

Listing your space is easy and free, you can choose the length of the rental and when renters can access the space, meaning you have total control over your listing. Requiring very little effort, Spacer is a great way to create a second income or find some more space to clear up your living areas. Whether it’s a garage, secure shed or an empty room, you can rent it out for people to store anything from their car or boat to clothes, documents or furniture. You could earn over $2000 a year with that spare room!


 Zoom2U is the courier version of Uber, which makes it perfect for people who would rather not talk to passengers. Zoom2U is a marketplace that will connect you to customers that need to have their parcel delivered all over Australia. Like most sharing economy jobs, you can sign up for free and have total control of when you work. You could look to deliver a parcel on your way to or from your full-time work!

On the other hand, if you need a last-minute gift, like a bunch of flowers, delivered across the city, Zoom2U can take care of it with quick bookings and fast delivery times.

Car Next Door

If you don’t want to drive and deliver parcels, but you have a car sitting idle in the driveway, you can hire out your car! Car Next Door offers sharing services for cars around Australia, and it’s genius because it works!

Your neighbourhood has loads of cars, some which are driven every day and others that are driven once a week. Car Next Door connects people who need a car for a day with people who aren’t using their car. Simply put, it’s a peer-to-peer car rental service, meaning people can now make money of their unused car, or find a car for as little as $5 an hour!


Uber is the giant of the sharing economy and the perfect example of what a sharing economy technology looks like. By now, you have likely ordered an Uber to get a ride but if you want to take advantage of the sharing economy which is literally at your fingertips, driving with Uber can be a n option. Maybe you know your city like the back of your hand, love driving or enjoy talking to new people. If so, Uber might be for you.

Once again, the beauty of Uber is the fact that you can schedule when and where you work, meaning you can work your day job and complete Uber jobs on the side. Signing up as a driver has a few requirements surrounding yourself and the car you will be using but once these are met your good to start driving and earning an extra income!

Open Shed


Open Shed describes itself as neighbour-to neighbour, rather than peer-to-peer. It’s a marketplace for everyday people to rent and borrow “stuff”. Open Shed works around the standard sharing economy idea that there’s a vast amount of resources in our local area that can be put to use. Neighbours can borrow anything from camping gear and garage tools to electronics and cooking appliances while other neighbours can earn cash from things in their house that they aren’t using.

Companies have realised that rather than providing the products or services themselves, they can leverage the vast amount of resources already surrounding consumers. This has sparked the sharing economy, it’s here and it’s in full swing. Things like Uber and Airbnb have made our lives easier by putting services at our fingertips but they have also provided an opportunity for us to start earning cash from things we have but don’t use.